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Imagine if your dream career in LA was
your current reality.

What would your day look like? Would you be on a film set watching a TV show come to life? Would you be in the studio recording your latest album? Would you be designing gowns that grace the Red Carpet?



If you're coming to Los angeles to go after a big dream, chances are you really, really want it to happen.

Maybe you've dreamt about it since you were a little kid, or maybe you came up with the brilliant idea yesterday. Either way, if you've thought about it, that means you are able to have it. The Universe is pretty freakin' awesome that way.


The problem is that you may have been told that it's "too hard".

Or that you can only make it happen if you're "lucky".

Or that you need Plan B because Plan A probably won't happen.

That's where LA BOUND 101 comes in.

Anything worth going after may not be easy.

But it is certainly possible,

If you know the steps to make it happen.


LA Bound 101 shows you those steps. The very steps that Erica used to land her dream job on a film set in just 2 weeks of moving to Los Angeles.

<--- Look how happy she is, living her dream!


Here's what you'll learn:

here's what people are saying:

I implemented Erica's goal setting strategy which helped me push myself further than I've ever been able to and work through any fears I had. I was able to achieve every goal I wrote down and now I am working towards an even bigger goal!

Jackie, graphic designer for tv and film


It’s made me feel like my dreams are achievable, that’s for sure. I really feel like I have the tools to move forward. I feel more confident about my ability to succeed in moving to LA, and I feel more confident that this is what I’m supposed to do with my life.

Kaylee, film actor


Three modules jam-packed with tools you can implement TODAY!

  1. Getting Clear on Your Dream
  2. Finding Your Dream Path
  3. Growing Your Career

Each module walks you through easy-to-implement actions that show you how to
see results at lightning speed.


An action guide that you can keep forever
to keep you on track.

Awesome bonuses!


A Bonus module filled with extra techniques that will make your dreams happen faster—my secrets for landing dream jobs in the most difficult industries.


Downloadable files so that you can keep the tools forever, and use them every step of your career (I've been using these tools for over 7 years).


My personal cheat sheets for tracking all dreams and goals every step of the way.



Erica is a bomb-dot-com person and I learned more than I could ever explain at becoming successful in my dream job in the fastest way possible.

amanda, wealth and business coach


enroll today

Picture yourself living out your dreams in Los Angeles. You deserve those dreams, and they can be yours. When you're ready to make your dreams a reality, you can enroll now for just $147.