Survey's in: Most Popular Place to Live in LA

As you probably know from my ebook, I spend a lot of time trying to teach you all about the neighborhoods of LA. It may seem excessive, but once you get here, you'll totally get it. LA is crazy spread out, and if you're stuck living in a neighborhood you don't like, you're gonna spend a lot of time in your car. 

To give you more applicable insight, I conducted a survey to see what neighborhood people chose to live in when they first moved to Los Angeles. Some people stay in their first place, many people don't. Either way, there was a clear winner for where people chose first. See the results below:


The reason most people chose Hollywood is because it's so central. And you may as well be central your first year, since so much of your locales are up in the air (i.e. work, friends, etc.). But Hollywood isn't for everyone. If you're still not sure which neighborhood is for you, check out my new podcast. I talk about all 22 neighborhoods in the book, in more depth. Feel free to comment below with any neighborhood questions! I'm here to help.