5 Los Angeles Bars That Make You Feel At Home

By Monique Dias

Bar Food

Location: Brentwood

For a delicious pint and some grub to match, head over to Bar Food. Their menu offers perfect accompaniments to any drink you order, and the portions are great, too, as they offer both snacks and full meals (I personally recommend getting the potato puffs with curry aioli—yum!). The location is casual, offering seat-yourself service, and the drink list is packed. They can get a little busy on the weekends, but doesn’t that just make for more fun?


Location: Los Feliz

Covell is a smaller, pricier wine bar, however I think it’s worth every penny. The vibe is a bit more sophisticated, as is the ambience, but it is no less welcoming. Moody lighting and a mellow atmosphere makes it an ideal place for 2 or 3 friends to catch up over a cocktail and small bites.

Bar One

Location: North Hollywood

This hole in the wall is an awesome spot to spend a Friday night. They offer beer and wine exclusively, and seating room is limited, so you better get there early. Be sure to head over to trivia night on Sunday’s at 8pm or their Record Player Parties mid-week. They also host tastings, and have a pretty decent parking situation (which is huge in my book).

The Misfit

Location: Santa Monica

I’ve only been to this spot once, but it changed my life. The drinks are great and their style is pretty rad, sure. But it was here that I first discovered bacon wrapped dates—or as I like to refer to them, the food of the Gods. So, thank you, The Misfit, for this gift you have given me. In return, I shall add thee to my list of 5 great LA bars. You’re welcome.

Good Luck Bar

Location: Los Feliz

This bar looks super sketchy from the outside, and even sketchier from the inside—but don’t worry! You will not see any unwanted nudity or be propositioned. This place is perfectly safe. And it is actually kind of cool. The moody lighting and cool decor make it hard for me to call it a dive bar. But it is a dive bar. There. I said it. Anyway, the drinks are delicious and the prices aren’t so bad. Plus, they have plenty of nooks and rooms to sit in, adding for a bit of privacy—something a bit unusual for your typical bar.