Meet Christine Avery

The outer layer

NAME: Christine Avery
AGE: 27
FROM: Fort Myers, Florida
COLLEGE: Boston University
CURRENT JOB: Previously Creative Coordinator at Dick Clark Productions, Currently Actor/Professional Wine Consultant,/Hostess at a Restaurant.
DREAM JOB: Series Regular on a successful TV sitcom
FAVE THING ABOUT LA: There’s ALWAYS something to do.


Peeling back the onion

How soon did you move to LA after graduation?

I spent my last semester of college in LA and never went back.

Did you know anyone in LA?

I was acquainted with a few people who were in the same study abroad program as I.

Where did you first stay? How long?

Park La Brea until the program ended (January-May.)

Where did you first live?

Franklin and Fuller, right by Runyon Canyon, with my roommate from the program.

What types of jobs did you initially take when you first moved to LA?

Studio Tour Guide at Universal Studios Hollywood and Hostess at The Hard Rock Cafe.

How do you feel about internships?

I think they’re a great way to get your foot in the door…if companies are still doing them. I know it’s more difficult to come across a really great internship because of the lawsuits surrounding them and the types of work companies can let you do.

Did you ever intern in LA?

Yep! I interned at a big management company, a production company that melted down while I interned there and then at a boutique management company.

Do you feel interning helped you secure a job?

I definitely learned basic assistant skills and the boutique management company allowed me to lie on my resume saying I’d worked with them in a paid capacity for a year.

What led to your current job?

I knew someone. I landed my big industry job at Dick Clark Productions because I knew a girl, Kelly, who worked there from the study abroad program. She had interned at DCP and was offered a job afterwards. When there was another opening, she mentioned it to one of my roommates at the time. He wasn’t interested, but I was, and she passed along my resume. In less than 24 hours, I was hired. I stayed at dcp for 4.5 amazing years and recently left to focus back on my acting.

How did you meet people/make friends?

I met a lot through work. In addition to work, I play kickball, take acting classes, am in a book club, attend networking events and am lucky to meet people randomly…like Erica. I met her randomly at a karaoke night. 

What advice would you give to someone moving to LA?

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Tackle one aspect of your life at a time and everything will fall into place. Also, stay away from anyone who is toxic…there are so many amazing people in this city, but sometimes you’ll come across a bad seed. And maybe most importantly, choose an area of LA that you WANT to live in, regardless of where your job is. Work can change…you may be working in the valley and the company could decide to move their offices to Santa Monica…but if you love where you live, you’ll always have a place you’ll want to come home to.

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