Why the weather in LA is a really big deal

Oh. My. Gosh. It is so magically warm and beautiful right now in LA. Yes, on January 8th. This week, I'm spending most of my time at my office in Santa Monica, where it is usually colder than the rest of LA. But today I took a stroll outside, wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I think my arms may have even gotten a little sunburn! I know, #LAproblems. 

Everyone knows the weather in LA is pretty much agreeable every single day. (If you aren't here yet, for fun, you should add LA to your weather app on your phone. Those little suns just never go away!) While some people may find the weather here boring, I want to tell you why the awesome weather here is actually a big deal. 

I'm from Philadelphia, where January is usually miserable. The snow is pretty for a minute, and then it becomes a nuisance. It stops people from going out and socializing, and the ice freezes car doors shut. 

Whoa. Let me repeat that.

It stops people from going out and socializing

Now, I'm not saying parties are uber important, but if people won't go out and socialize because of the weather, think of all the other things they also avoid due to the weather. Like exercising. And just plain feeling inspired. The bitter cold weather, while fun for skiing, can be very debilitating on an everyday basis. Ever hear of "seasonal depression"? Yeah, that's totally a real thing.

So what about this LA sunshine? And in January, of all months. The month that everyone is ready to go with those new years resolutions. That sunshine is a life saver. The warmth and blue skies motivate you. You feel like you can do anything. Just because it's a beautiful day. And you can do anything. You can go for a run, go for a hike. Walk along the beach. Have lunch meetings outside. Read a book under a tree. Take on the day!

I feel SOOOO much better being in LA during the winter months. I feel the sunshine radiate into my body. I feel ready to do anything. And I feel happy. *Cue Pharell

Guys, this weather is amazing. And there is no better time to appreciate it than when it's freezing everywhere else in the country. For those of you who miss winter activities, you can still do all of them just by driving a few hours outside of LA. But I'll trade a two-hour drive for iced-shut car doors any day. 

Several years ago, I was celebrating my winter birthday in Philadelphia (before I moved to LA). So many people declined the invitation because the roads were icy. Hey, icy roads is a totally valid reason to not leave the house. But let me tell you, my LA birthday parties never have a problem. 

So you see, the weather in LA is a really big deal because of what it does to people. Because of the opportunities it provides. Because it will very rarely mess up your day. The sun is there, consistently shining, so you can do your thing. Are you guys excited about the weather? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!