Podcast #33: How to Know if You're Ready to Move to LA

#1 No Guarantee

The #1 reason people don't feel ready to move to LA to pursue a big dream is the lack of guarantee. You may feel anxiety and fear around the idea that you may not "make it" in LA

"You won't be given a dream unless you have the capacity to fill it."

- Jack Canfield

This means that you wouldn't even be allowed to have your dream if you weren't capable of achieving it. 

"Within the seed of your desire, is everything necessary for it to blossom to fulfillment."

- Abraham Hicks

Use these quotes as your guarantee. You WILL make it if you are willing to work hard and figure out the "how". Your desire, your dream, is enough to know that you deserve for it to come true.


#2 The End of a Phase in Your Life

It may feel sad or scary to think about ending the current life that you have. New phases always bring on anxiety. Think of moving to Los Angeles like getting married or having a baby: a new phase that is unknown, but necessary to gain the life you want. 

Are you content with your current life? Or do you want more?


#3 Dream Job Timeline

Your LA journey shouldn't be a temporary blip in your life. It should be your new way of life. When you put a time-limit on your dreams, you are limiting your own happiness. You can use timelines as goal deadlines, to help you achieve your goals as fast as possible. But when you tell yourself you've only got a certain amount of time and then you're going to give up, you're setting yourself up for failure. 


In order to be ready to move to LA, believe in your dream, believe in the abundance that is available to you, view your dream as a lifelong pursuit, and get support from people like you. Join groups that relate to your dream, and come join us in LA Bounders. 

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