Podcast #38: 4 Reasons People "Fail" in Los Angeles

Today is JUST ME! 

This topic kept coming up, so I felt compelled to share it. 

The 4 reasons why people don't "make it" in LA:

  1. Fear
  2. Comfort
  3. Power
  4. Belief

Let's break down each of these:

1. Fear

This is the most obvious, but one of the biggest things that holds people back from going after their dreams. Often, we are afraid of failing, and afraid of what people will think of us if we fail. "What will my friends think of me if I move to LA and don't make it?"

We use this scenarios that haven't even happened yet to stop us from trying. 

But truthfully, you have just as good of a chance to "make it" as you do as not making it. And if you have a burning desire, a true passion, a "I want it SO BAD!!" attitude, your dream absolutely will happen. You may not know HOW it will happen, and you may not know exactly WHEN it will happen, but that burning desire is enough to guarantee success.

To hear my story of depression, click here to listen to Podcast #5.

And remember, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of your success and failures. It just matters what YOU think. This is YOUR life. All failures are learning experiences that bring you closer to your dreams. Focus on that, instead of other people's opinions of you.

2. Comfort

Most people are afraid of stepping outside of their comfort zone. But big dreams require big actions that may feel uncomfortable to you. For example, cold calling/emailing to make contacts may be really uncomfortable to you. Moving to LA may be really uncomfortable for you. But these actions could get you so much closer to your dreams. 

You may also be scared to leave the comfortable life you've created for yourself. If you live in a place that you're familiar with, or you have a steady paycheck, you may feel afraid to leave that comfortable lifestyle for this new lifestyle of going after your dreams. 

Whatever comforts you are afraid to leave, they are going to hold you back from ever creating the life you really want. So as long as you stick with your comforts, you'll also be sticking with a life that does not involve your dream. Your dream isn't going to happen while you're stuck in your circle of comfort. 

3. Power

When you leave the power of your career in the hands of someone else, you're not taking responsibility for your own life/career. No one can grant your wish but you. 

You have the power to achieve all of the dreams you want to achieve. You have to take responsibility. Once you have this mindset, so many more avenues will open themselves up to you.

An excellent example is Tara's story that we talked about a few episodes ago. 

When you state your dream, add the phrase "or something better". Sometimes our dreams turn out better than we plan, in ways that we can't even see right now. New ways will reveal themselves to you once you have this mindset in place.

4. Belief

Not only do you have to believe in yourself, but you also have to believe that your dream WILL happen. 

THIS. From one of my favorite movies.... The Santa Clause!

You need to SEE your dream as if it has happened already. Once you SEE it in your mind, then you can start to believe it. Visualizing helps create this vision to instill confidence. 

If you don't 100% believe your dream can happen, you're not going to see the success you want.

Jack Canfield says, "You're not given a dream unless you have the capacity to fulfill it." You absolutely have the capacity to make your dream come true. 

You have to cut out the thoughts, "I probably won't make it happen. I'll try, but it probably won't happen." Replace those thoughts with "Hell YES, my dream is going to happen!".

Now that you know these 4 reasons, all you have to do is act on them. Being aware is the first step.