Podcast #4: Stay In LA—How Long Does It Take to "Make It"?

In this podcast, I talk about how long to stay in LA before calling it quits. Keep in mind, if you don't put a time limit on your career goals, you're more likely to achieve them. While 1 year is a great time period to figure out how you feel about the city in terms of living, it's definitely not enough time in terms of your career. 

There is a whole chapter dedicated to this topic in the ebook, so check it out here.

I also talk about why it's so important to visit LA before you move, and you can find more info about that in this blog post.

I also talk about my video series that is totally free, and will prepare you for your move by teaching ways to network before you get here [NOTE: This video series is no longer available, but I have a new freebie that is just as awesome that you can get here!]. This will up your game, so if you're serious about finding success in LA, I highly recommend it.

I mentioned my short, which you must see! If you scroll down on that page, there are also bloopers that make me laugh every time.