Podcast #45: Why Feedback is Crucial and How to Handle it

Most of us don't enjoy getting feedback, especially if it feels negative. Our gut reaction is to wince, and crawl under the covers—or get super defiant in thinking we don't need it. But feedback is how we get better, and how we get the best results possible. In this episode, I talk about what kind of feedback is good, what kind should be ignored, and how to handle it in a professional manner to move your career forward. 

Would you rather be right, or happy?

Would you rather be right, or successful?

- Jack Canfield

I mention the new sales page for LA Bounders, and you should feel free to check it out here (or click the big yellow button at the top!). This will be the "before" that you'll be seeing. I haven't made the changes yet from my mentor, so come back in a week and check it out after I take the excellent feedback I received and put it into the page.

Are you open to feedback? Are you open to being critiqued on your dream career?