Podcast #46: Mastering Platinum Records with Engineer and Studio Musician Eric Boulanger

Today I'm talking with Mastering Engineer and Studio Violinist Eric Boulanger, who also created his own Mastering company called The Bakery.

Eric has mastered records and albums for huge artists like Colbie Caillat, Rachel Platten ("Fight Song"), OneRepublic, The Doors, The Plain White T's, and more. 

He shares his career path with us, beginning with an internship at Capitol Records. An internship program didn't even exist at the studio, and Eric was able to convince them to start one!

Eric's path organically led him to mastering, and after spending several years at a well-known mastering company, he decided to create his own mastering company on the Sony lot (near the famous rainbow!).

There are so many golden nuggets in this episode, as Eric shares his hustling techniques to break into the music industry. From crazy weird interviews, to creating a position for himself, to following up with any possible lead thrown his way, Eric built an incredible career for himself. 

You can check out Eric's mastering company at: thebakery.la

You have to be persistent with others, and mainly yourself. 

- Eric Boulanger