#50: What it Really Takes to Make it in LA

Wow! We made it to episode 50! Thank you so much for listening and helping me get to 50 episodes. I so appreciate you, and I love hearing from you. So I'm making today's episode extra special—diving deep and getting real with what it takes to make it in Los Angeles. 

Some of this information may be a little tough love, but it's important to me to be real with you and give you all of the best info to set you up for success.

I'm all about the analogies in this episode! (Please tell me I'm getting better with them...!) The first is me wanting a hot bikini body, and I go into detail about it in this blog post right here.

The second is believing in your dreams the way you used to believe in Santa Claus. Kids believe that Santa comes down their chimney and puts presents under their tree every year. They have never seen this happen, but they believe it 100%. You have to believe in your dreams the same way. You may not have seen it happen yet, so it can feel out of reach. But you have to believe that it's coming.

It's also important to get rid of your Plan B. When you have a backup plan, it's telling the universe that you're expecting to fail. 

"Are you interested? Or are you committed?"

- John Assaraf

Don't put a timeline on your dreams. Sometimes the universe has a different timeline for us. Sometimes we have more to learn, and sometimes bigger things are meant for us than we could ever imagine. Putting a timeline on your dreams is the same thing as having a Plan B.

I also talk about the importance of education. In order to grow, in your dream career, and as a human being, you have to acquire knowledge and then follow through with taking action on that knowledge.