#58: How to Bring Your Dream Out of Your Future and Into Your Present

When we have a REALLY BIG DREAM, it usually feels unreachable. It feels so outrageous, that we tend to keep it far in the future. We still want it, but we think "it will happen many years from now".

How can we change that? How can we make our dream more relatable so it feels attainable? How can we bring our drea closer to the present, and stop pushing it so far into the future?

You have to "get ready" for your dream.

You have to make room for your dream in your current life.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

- Oprah

In order to be ready when your opportunity comes along, you need to prepare. You want to figure out what your dream life looks like, and compare it to how your life looks now, and evaluate how you can merge the two.

There are two main ways to make room for your dream now: literally/physically and mentally.

Mentally, there are ways you can prepare for your dream. You can open your mindset to your dream life, and take soft actions that show the universe you're getting ready.

Literally, you can start taking actions that move things around in your current life in order to literally make room for your dream career.

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