Podcast #6: Why You Should Move to LA Without a Job

This podcast episode is all about the scary stuff. I know it's sounds ridiculous to move to Los Angeles without a job or apartment lined up, but I explain why things just have to happen this way if you want to find success quickly. So, listen in as I explain all of this! Don't worry, stick with me, and you'll make it!

Here is what my silly new recording setup looks like (including amazing wine glass holder): 

I also mention my video series that will help you prepare for LA before you get here. Learn how to network and connect to important people. If you're serious about moving to LA, I highly recommend this series. It contains all of the steps that I followed in preparation to find a job so quickly when I finally moved. [NOTE: This series is no longer available, but come join us in LA Bounders if you're ready to start meeting other people who are going through the exact same things you're going through!]

If you want more info on this topic, check out the blog post.