#62: Why Baby Steps Aren't Just for Babies

Have you been missing my "Friends" references?  This week I'm updating you on why it's been a minute since my last podcast. One reason was a trip to San Diego to meet with my business mentors, Jill and Josh Stanton, at an event for their clients. It was a very rewarding weekend filled with surprises, including an award I won for making the most progress in my business in 2016!  It's such an incredible honor to be recognized for my work because sometimes we lose sight of how much progress we've made, and if we stop and look around to see how far we've come it can completely change our energy and perspective.

Click here to hear my interview with the amazing Jill and Josh in episode 31.

We then move onto our topic of the week. Baby steps. Sometimes your dreams feel HUGE and so overwhelming you just freeze and wonder "How can I do this?" It's hard to move forward when we freeze like this. It brings out our fears. So try breaking it down into baby steps to get out of that fear - anything to move you forward. I'll give you some examples, and then help bridge you into taking bigger steps so you don't get stuck playing too small.