#63: What Happens When You Let Go (of Fear)

My Inner Circle clients have had major things happening this week, and it’s amazing how, even though their dreams are so different from one another, they all have something in common that led to their successes: they all let go of the fear they were holding on to.

Fear is the number 1 thing that blocks us from getting what we want. It stops us in many different ways, and it’s pretty common that we cling to this fear for dear life.

It’s like, we are MORE afraid of letting go of the fear, than having the fear itself.

With my clients, and actually myself as well, have been going through the process of letting go of other commitments in their lives, to make more room for their dreams.

What that meant, led to a whole list of fears. What will I lose when I let go?

But the beauty is that we GAIN more than we lose.

We lose the things that are no longer serving us.

We gain things that will serve us in such a bigger way.

The universe is pretty cool like that. I’ve talked about how the universe will send you a test or a “final exam” right before you follow through with a big decision, like letting go.

The opposite happens when you push through those doors. The universe begins to send you signs that everything is going to be OK and you made the right decision.

I want you think about something right now that you’re holding on to.

Whether it’s a job, a relationship, or your current life.

And I want you to face the fear head-on of why you’re afraid to let it go.

Write a list of everything you’re afraid will happen if you let it go.

Get really honest. Maybe it’s a fear that you’re making a mistake. Maybe it’s a fear of losing out on potential opportunities. Maybe it’s a fear of being judged or rejected.

What are you afraid of when you think of letting go?

Once you have that written down, I want you to make another list.

What positive things could happen if you let go?

What would you be making room for?

How would it feel to be free of this weight?

What new opportunities could come into your life?

Fill in the blank, If I let go of ___________________, I would gain ________________/