Podcast #9: Mac Demy Talks Music, Success, and New York vs. LA

Today we're hanging out with the inspiring Mac Demy. Mac Demy writes, composes, and produces his own music, and just got back from touring the country with OMG Fest. His music can be heard on a myriad of television networks, and of course, on fan-created videos all over YouTube.

Many of you may know Mac Demy through his cousin Austin Mahone, but what you may not know is that Mac Demy has found his own success and is thriving in his new home of Los Angeles.

Mac Demy mentions moving to LA with the help of my ebook, which you can get too! Check it out here.

Mac Demy talks a lot about Los Angeles vs. New York because he spent many years living in NYC before making the move to LA. He has some really insightful information about the two cities, so definitely take a listen. 

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