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"I want to say thank you for your website, your ebook, and all of your awesome tips! It has made the idea of moving to LA less of a terrifying pipe-dream and more a realistic plan-of-action. I don't think I would feel as confident about moving if it weren't for your help!"


“Erica takes what seems like an impossible dream and turns it into a tangible reality. I often wonder how many tearful calls home could have been avoided had I had LA Bound as my guide when I moved here. My mother does too.”

Alex Franklin, writer

"I just gotta say that you're amazing and very inspirational! I can't stop babbling to my friends and family about LA Bound. You put all my fears about moving to LA at ease. I can't thank you enough for all your efforts in providing insights and opportunities for people to know more about the industry life in LA. All this valuable information will take years to discover and you figured out a way to have it easily accessible for people to find. So for all that, I am truly thankful."

Maybelle, Graphic Designer

“If I had a daughter or son moving to LA to pursue their dreams, LA Bound would be my first gift to them. It’s fun, easy to read, and provides all the info they need to make the move safely, without the headaches of learning from unwanted experiences.”

Sam, marketing manager for SofterWare, Inc.

“People who are considering moving to Los Angeles MUST read this book! I felt like I got all the information I ever wanted, and from a trusted friend." 

James Malinchak featured on ABC’s hit TV show, “Secret Millionaire”, and founder of bigmoneyspeaker.com

“I have been talking about getting to LA for years. My daughter is 14, has been acting since she was 5, and I have been trying to work out the perfect plan to make the move. Your book will be the secret tool and guide we’ve been looking for to make this happen. Moving is scary, but with LA Bound I feel much more confident!”

Suzanne Dion, mother

“Your site is probably the most useful and well-written. The language doesn't evoke an image of a travel guide. Sometimes people writing about a place sound too formal and it's really difficult to understand what they feel about a place.”

 Margaret, really cool person

LA Bound is SO GREAT! Thank you so much for writing this! Very helpful and
so cute and funny!”

Gabrielle Taryn, singer/songwriter