what to focus on in stage 2

Breaking into your dream industry is 100% possible, no matter what anyone else tells you. Hollywood is built on relationships, so Stage 2 is all about creating them from scratch, and utilizing them to move you forward in a classy way.

No contacts? No problem. You can totally do this: 

Learn how to break into your dream industry

• Make the right connections, even when you know zero people

5 essential actions to take now

The 3 keys to cold emailing


Chances are, you'll feel at least one of these emotions as you move through Stage 2:

  • Overwhelmed and anxious like, "OMG I have no friends, I'm all alone and I have no idea how I'm going to make this happen"
  • Scared: what if I never break in?
  • Determined: ready and willing to do whatever it takes
  • Confused and lost: not sure where to start...networking events??
  • Super excited about every little connection you make or info you receive that points you in the right direction
  • Ugly-cry breakdown: these are super common
  • Tingly-excited that you're finally in LA and on your way to making your dreams happen