You have a passion inside of you. It lights you up so much, that you don't ever want a "Plan B". 

You're ready to have the dream career you deserve, and you're tired of waiting.

Enter Dream Success Coach, Erica Wernick. 


I'll show you how to make your dream career a reality. I'll guide you each step of the way so that you never feel lost. 

I'll show you the exact steps I took to break into the entertainment industry with zero contacts and how I booked work on over 20 TV shows. 

Your wildest dreams are possible. I'm here to support you and show you the way. 

You deserve this kind of success, too.
So stop waiting for things to happen, and start taking action.


The Inner Circle is a high-level
 6-month group program that focuses solely on achieveing your next big career goal.

The 3-month program is a 1-on-1
private coaching program that is completely tailored to your dreams.


Hi mentor—just wanted to update you that not only am I loving my full time gig on Let's Make a Deal—I am also moonlighting on possibly 3 other shows! Just wanted to say thanks again for changing my life with your goal setting!

Jackie M., Graphic Designer for Film and Television