#61: How to Finally Shift from Your Day Job to Your Dream Job

This episode, I did a little of experimenting! I went LIVE on Facebook while recording the podcast! I had a blast, but I want to know what you thought! If it was annoying to listen to on the recording, or if you loved it and want to show up live on Facebook for the next one, I would love to hear your feedback so I can figure out how to move forward in the future! Leave your feedback in the comments below and let me know what you thought!

#60: What Happens When You Start To Find Success

In this episode I break down the ins and outs of making progress towards your dreams.

When you're on the brink of change, the universe shakes you up to let you know you're ready for the next level. The universe will send you subtle signs, and if you're not picking them up, it will shake you by sending you a much bigger sign, essentially saying, "Hey, you! YOU'RE READY FOR THE NEXT LEVEL!!!"

#58: How to Bring Your Dream Out of Your Future and Into Your Present

When we have a REALLY BIG DREAM, it usually feels unreachable. It feels so outrageous, that we tend to keep it far in the future. We still want it, but we think "it will happen many years from now".

How can we change that? How can we make our dream more relatable so it feels attainable? How can we bring our drea closer to the present, and stop pushing it so far into the future?

#57: The Final Exam Before You're Allowed to Achieve Your Dream

This is a super quick episode today because I had a day full of coaching and didn't have time to record a full episode. BUT this episode is REALLY IMPORTANT!! And the best part, is that this important topic doesn't need the full 45 minutes :)

Right before you're about to achieve your BIG goal, such as moving to LA, or booking representation, or any goal that is going to make a shift in your life, you will be sent a "final exam" to test you, to see if you're really ready for this change.

#56: "Making it in LA is hard" Doesn't Have To Be Your Story

Other people's opinions about what your experiences should be like often mirror the results that we get in our career. These "stories" seep into our subconscious and end up dictating the way in which we go after our dreams.

We develop stories about everything in our life from money, to our love lives, to our health, to our career. These stories develop when we are younger from our parents, or from our experiences, or from negative thoughts we have, or even what people around us believe.

But these stories can be rewritten. Your career can look however you want it to look. You can experience it however you want to experience it. 

#55: Stop Blaming Events in Your Life, Change Your Response

n today's episode, I share inspiring content that I learned at Jack's event. Starting with Jack's famous formula: E+R=O, Event + Response = Outcome.

Most of us live our lives switching that formula to Events + Outcome = Response. Events happen in our life, determining out outcome, and then we respond to that. But our outcome is actually determined on how we respond to the events that happen in our life.

When events happen in your career, that feel out of our control, all we can do is control how we respond to them. 

#54: Why You Need To Treat Your Time Like The Queen Of England

If the Queen of England invited you over for a spot of tea, would you flake on her? Would you show up 20 minutes late? Would you ask her to reschedule because a cool party came up?

If you want consistent, strong results in your career, you need to be consistent and strong with the time you put towards that career.

Here are questions to ask yourself to see if you're treating your time with utmost respect:

#53: Multiple Avenues To Get Where You Want To Be

There are so many different ways to achieve your dream career. Often times, we figure out one way, and we stick to it, even if it doesn't seem to be working. We get so comfortable in the action that we don't want to try anything else. And that's how we get stuck in our careers. 

In this episode I give real-life examples of the multiple avenues you can take, and how to know when it's time to try a different one.

#52: What To Do When You Feel Defeated

It's inevitable that you'll have a day where you feel defeated when you're going after a really big dream. Whether it's not happening fast enough, or obstacles are in your way, or you get rejected, you'll have a day where you're feeling down about your dream.

That's why I wanted to give you tools to push through that feeling because the sooner you get out of it, the closer you get to your dream. And of course, the longer you stay in the muck, the further away your dream will remain.

Here are the 4 tools you can use to pick yourself up from a bad day: