3 Trending Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

By Jennifer Riner, Zillow

Finding the right-priced rental in Los Angeles can be tricky. On one hand, signing a lease at an apartment with easy access to restaurants, shopping and nightlife is a draw. On the other, price is a big factor, especially when you’re moving to a new city and might not be 100 percent sure of future income.

Right now, North Hollywood, Hollywood and Santa Monica are trending areas to live, given the neighborhoods’ vibes and local amenities. However, given increasing popularity, prices are on the rise.

To best determine cost versus value of your new rental, check out the three following neighborhoods and what they have to offer compared to the median price point.

Are you committing? Or are you just an idiot in a box?

I know, I really missed my Friends references, too! When you watch the show as much as I do, and it's engrained in your mind, you can find a metaphor for anything. You could say that it's my special gift. Why, thank you!

OK, so after Chandler kissed Joey's girlfriend, Joey puts Chandler in a box as punishment. It was his equivalent of sending Chandler to his room to think about what he did. 

Chandler, being Chandler, makes jokes while he is in the box, and Joey gets pissed off that Chandler isn't committing. 

Do You Have What It Takes To Make It In Los Angeles?

There is a stereotype out there about the younger generation being lazy, and unfortunately, I’ve seen it to be true.

Between emails, my LA Bounders membership, and my live webinars, I am constantly interacting with people who expect things do be done for them. And it drives me crazy.

I’ve been racking my brain about how to educate this generation without sounding like a total dick. I’ve been struggling so much, that I thought I should stop serving them altogether, and no longer help them move to LA to go after their dreams.

But I feel that it is my purpose to help people, so what good would it do by keeping quiet?

What it Really Costs to Move to LA

That famous question. The one everyone wants to know the answer to, but is too scared to face.

I totally get it.

The fear is all-consuming,

I mean, you're so excited to go after your dreams.

You're so excited to move to LA, even though people keep telling you how much the traffic sucks. 

But how much is it actually going to cost? 

How much money do you really need in your bank account to make that move?

What Maria Menounos's Bikini Body Has To Do With Your Dreams

I don’t know if it’s being in Los Angeles for so long, or from the media totally sucking me into their world, or for all the fitness trainers I follow on Instagram, but I really want a hot bikini bod.

I would LOVE to have a fit body like Jillian Michaels, or Maria Menounos, or even Lea Michele. 

So I’ve done what any curious person would do: I started researching HOW to get that bikini body. You know, what ab exercises to do, how much cardio, and what to eat. I even found some of the places where these celebs work out, and went to those classes—one of the really cool things about being in LA.

Self Sabotage - The Thing Stopping You From Success May Be You

When you've been in LA for at least a year, you're officially "in". 

LA is like this weird club that everyone wants to be a part of, but it takes time to really feel welcome and comfortable. There are some things that take you out of "tourist" mode quickly, like learning never to take the 405 from the westside to Glendale in Friday rush hour. (Or finally laughing at The Californians on SNL).

But other aspects of Los Angeles, and the entertainment industry, take more time to settle into. There are so many little steps that we learn along the way, like what "Base Camp" is, and what union we have to get into. Once we master that stuff, we finally feel like we're part of the club. And we begin speaking a language that people at home will never understand. 

So with official membership to club LA, why have some of your dreams still not happened?

Speed up your success

Time is such an important part of the LA dream journey.

In the beginning, everyone wants to know HOW LONG it will take to make things happen. 

Many people spend years and years with no real success.

Some people put a time limit on their dreams. Like, "If I don't make it in 5 years, I'll move back home."

And then there's me.

I landed my first TV show within just two weeks.

I didn't wait years and years before seeing my own success. I also never put a time limit on my dreams. 

How do you want to fit into those extremes?

Most likely, you want your success to happen as soon as possible. Obviously, I did, too.

So I want to share with you two techniques to speed up that time; to help you make progress faster.

These are techniques that I use all the time. And I've seen it work for others like a charm.

Essentially, they are solutions to problems that we encounter while going after that big dream job.

What Going After Your Dreams Really Looks Like

Today was just one of those down days on the roller coaster of going after your dreams. 

Fear, doubt, comparing myself to others more successful, and plenty of tears.

You know I moved to LA to go after a dream. A dream of working in television. 

That dream happened, and has been AMAZING. 

When I was getting ready to move across the country, I never imagined that I would have had the success that I’ve had.

But now I have a new dream.

And that dream is LA Bound. 

How To Get A "Day" Job in LA

There is really only ONE thing you need to know about getting a "day" job, in order to find success in your dream job.

You may be freaking out or just plain worried about finding a job in LA. 

I completely understand: we are used to the idea of stability, and without it, we don't know how to function.

The thing is, that fear usually sends us down the wrong path. Or at least stops us from going down the dream path.

That's why I want to share this ONE important thing with you. If you do this one thing, it will save you from going down the wrong path. It will help you actually achieve your dream career. 

Why You Must Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Staying inside your comfort zone can be totally crippling to your career. 

There are two ways this can really hurt your ability to achieve your dreams:

1) By completely staying inside your comfort zone and not even trying to get past it. These are the people who don't do anything to go after their dream because it's too scary or uncomfortable. 

2) By thinking you're taking action towards making your dream happen, but your actions are comfortable and you don't even realize. 

To avoid being one of these two people, ask yourself this:

How to Break Into Your Dream Industry

When you dream about working some amazing job in a really competitive industry, it's a total buzz-kill when you don't have any connections to that industry. Right?

I mean, when your Mom's friend doesn't produce movies, or your cousin's roommate doesn't work at a record label, or your Uncle isn't the head of NBC, how on earth are you supposed to break in?

Those were my thoughts exactly, when I moved to LA from Philly with a HUGE dream of working in the film industry. I did not have a single connection. Zero.

Where Should I live in Los Angeles?

Believe it or not, where you live in LA is a really big deal. 

No, not because people will judge you based on your location! (Although some people totally joke about 323 being a cooler area code than 818.) 

But because LA is SO spread out. You want to live near the places you will to be frequenting (like your job).

Oh, and the traffic. Yeah, that is real. Not an exaggeration. Basic rule of thumb: 8 miles will take you at least 30 minutes. Unless you’re driving at 4am. 

How much money do you need to move to la?

That famous question. The one everyone wants to know the answer to, but is too scared to face.

I totally get it.

The fear is all-consuming,

I mean, you're so excited to go after your dreams.

You're so excited to move to LA, even though people keep telling you how much the traffic sucks. 

But how much is it actually going to cost? 

How much money do you really need in your bank account to make that move?

What to Pack When You Move to L.A.

I've been getting this question a lot, so I thought it would make a great blog post! I know the struggle is real when trying to figure out what the hell to bring with you on this big move. 

One thing to keep in mind: you don't have to bring everything RIGHT NOW. You can bring the essentials and have other items shipped to you later. This will help you in the beginning because it can be quite difficult lugging all of your belongings around Los Angeles before you have a place to store everything.