Moving to Los Angeles to pursue your dreams is terrifying, difficult, overwhelming, exciting—every emotion under the California sun. But you made it here, to this website, which is no coincidence. It means that you're ready to go after your Big Dream. So, congratulations! You're taking the first step. I'm here to show you how to do the rest: from the logistics of moving all of your crap out to LA, all the way through the process of making your dream job happen!

When I moved to LA seven years ago, my parents were really nervous. (Ok, wait. Maybe I was really nervous...) It's kind of terrifying moving across the country, 3,000 miles away from family and friends, just to go after a dream that may or may not happen.

But the thing is, my dream DID happen. I'll never forget the very first moment I stood on a real sound stage in Hollywood. It was surreal to live my dream. And I want yours to happen, too. I've learned that it's completely possible to achieve these crazy LA dreams if you take certain actions. So I created LA Bound to show you those actions. I created LA Bound to show you how to achieve your Big Dream. I want to help you get there, so you can feel how FREAKIN' GLORIOUS it is when you're living your dreams every day! We all deserve this insane happiness. 

When you try to pursue something in Los Angeles, you may get doubtful and discouraging comments from people who don't understand. I'm bringing you LA Bound to be the other side of that coin. The LA Bound community is your cheerleader, your coach, YOU CAN DO THIS, JENNY!!! (er...insert your name there.) 

You're dreams are possible, LA Bounder. #letsdothis


The first step to take if you're serious about your LA Dreams.