Preparing for your move

Here's some pertinent info for moving to Los Angeles. You can also chat with others on Facebook.

your move

For the best advice on planning your move to LA, check out my video series. It's completely free and includes fantastic information on making connections before you even get here. Check it out!

You can also follow this handy little map I designed to find out if you're ready to move to LA!

shipping your car

Cost - $650 - $1100, depending on distance and sedan vs. SUV.

Time - 3-14 days, depending on distance and if you decided to make a road trip out of it.

Packing - Only put items in the trunk (for safety and weight), and nothing valuable like jewelry, important docs, navigation systems, etc.

Resources - Check out for helpful info. Make sure your shipping company is licensed and insured.

Note: You'll definitely need a car wash when you get your car in LA!

couch surfing

Yes, you need to actually BE here to get an apartment. I don't recommend trying to land one before you move. Read the full article here with more details and resources.

Airbnb - Highly recommended. Cool way to meet people when you're new, and it's much cheaper than hotels. You can use this when you visit LA as well!

Couchsurfing -  Literally on couches, can be great for short term.

Saving money


I talked about saving money in my ebook, so you know that it’s recommended to save at least $3,000 to $6,000 before moving to Los Angeles. Now, I know many of you may be thinking that these are big scary numbers that you just don’t have. So check out the full blog article here for some helpful ideas.