Daily Diary: Life in LA

Here I'll share daily doses of my life in LA so you can get a sense of what it's like to live here. 


Wednesday 10.15.14

Heyyy guys. Fall is here. Great time to listen to the podcast :) Feel free to contact me with any questions!


Tuesday 10.14.14

Ahhh! It's finally gloomy outside! We have had lovely fall clouds for a good few hours. I love it! LA doesn't mix it up very often, so when it does, it's pretttttttyyy exciting. You know what else is exciting? Halloween! I went to Target in Weho today and their Halloween section is HUGE. This little guy wanted to say hello to you all. 

Wednesday 10.8.14

Today I got to work another day on my faaaaaavorite studio lot, Paramount. It is THE GREATEST! The sun is always shining, and the palm trees seem to perfectly frame the old-Hollywood sound stages. After work, I powered my energy into another podcast episode! I'm having so much fun recording these, and I thank you so so much for listening. If you have questions or topic ideas, please feel free to contact me! You can listen to the Podcast on iTunes, just search for "Erica Wernick". You can listen here on the site, too :) This episode will be up next week!! Oh, and tonight I got invited to my first Halloween party. It's October 8th. I blame stores like CVS and Target. Apparently Halloween starts October 1st!

Friday 10.2.14

Just wanted to wish you all a HAPPY FRIDAY!! Sun is shining as per usual here. Love me some Vitamin D. Come hang out on Facebook and let me know what you're up to this weekend. #tgif 

Monday 9.29.14

I'm finally back in town, after spending a week and a half back home in Philly. I'm so glad to be back in LA, back to my schedule, my favorite spin class at Circuit Pilates, and back to getting down to business with LA Bound. The weather is still warm here, which I don't mind too much, but that taste of fall I got from Philly was pretty fantastic. We DO get fall here, it just comes a little later than the east coast. 

Anyway, when I was home, everyone was asking me about LA (as per usual!). And as I talked about what it was like to live here, I noticed I left out a tidbit from my podcast (which will hopefully be posted this week!). I broke down all of the neighborhoods and tried to give you a sense of what each is like. One thing I left out is, I really think the people are more down to earth on the east side of town. Anything west of West Hollywood is where some of the "fake LA" people start to pop into town. Just something to keep in mind! It's just my opinion (and the opinion of some friends), that people are more stereotypically "plastic" as you go west. On the other hand, if you go totally east to Silverlake and even some of the Hollywood Hills, you get hipsters. I'm more comfortable with hipsters than the plastics any day (I mean, I don't have enough pink to wear on Wednesdays, anyway). Just a thought I wanted to share to help you be fully informed!

Tuesday 9.23.14

I'm so sorry for missing a week! I have been out of town for my sister's wedding. So, while I have nothing new to report about LA, I will say this: everywhere I have gone in Philly while I have been home, I have been EARLY! This is what LA does to you. It makes you think it takes a very long time to get places. It makes you leave the house half an hour early because you never know what traffic will be like. I forgot that here, in the burbs of Philly, 3 mi actually does = 3 min. Mind blown. Thanks, LA. 

OH! I forgot to tell you. I just recorded my second podcast! I'm super excited to make this a weekly podcast. Look for it next week! I will also jot down notes from each podcast that you can read on the website. Stay tuned!!

I just had to share this. Doesn't my sister make the most gorgeous bride???! 

I just had to share this. Doesn't my sister make the most gorgeous bride???! 


Sunday 9.14.14

ADVISORY: IT'S TOO FUCKING HOT FOR ME TO POST ANYTHING. I'M SO OVER THIS 100 DEGREE HEAT!!! Please send buckets of ice and air conditioning units.

Thursday 9.11.14

Not too much to report here today besides the heat. Just super excited for the football-filled weekend! Check out the updated list for hometown bars in LA

Tuesday 9.9.14

Today was my last day working on "Glee" for a little while. It's been so great to work on that show off and on since it began 6 years ago. It was one of my first big TV jobs in LA, and I just fell in love with the Paramount lot. It has so much old Hollywood history (and apparently some ghosts lurking around). I love the Art Department and rest of the crew. I will miss you guys, and hope to see you soon! Every time I enter those Paramount gates, I pinch myself... #livingthedream 

Here are some photos of the backlot. I did those "Broadway Florist" graphics on the green awning!

Monday 9.8.14

If you want to check out the video series, click here. I also highly recommend you check out Lewis Howes! He is incredibly inspiring and intelligent. 

It's hard to admit to you that I'm slightly terrified about pursuing LA Bound as a profitable business, but I hope it puts your fears at ease, as we are all in this together! Literally everybody is scared of something. But let's kick the door down and do it anyway! Feel free to contact me about anything.

If you'd like to sign up for my free video series, do it here. It's really helpful with preparing for your move!!

Sunday 9.7.14

A healthy amount of alcohol put my to sleep early last night, which I'm totally OK with. Day drinking is way more fun than at night, in my opinion :) I woke up super early and decided to go for a run. I hate running. Like, really hate it. But my exercising has been cut down to 2 days a week, which is terrible, and even though I hate running, I do love LA at 7:30 in the morning. It's quiet, and the weather is so perfect. 

I'm a total wimp, so I only run 1 mile, then walk 1 mile back, but walking back means I had time to take some pictures. So before I spend the rest of the day working on freelance design projects, I thought I'd share these with you all! The scenery is so much more fun for running than it was at home in the burbs of Philly!

Ok, gotta get back to work before my friend's birthday dinner tonight (can't wait to try a new restaurant!), so I'll talk to you guys lata. 

Saturday 9.6.14

I just LOVE this weekend because it's officially Football Season! Watching the games, both college and pro, is a really fantastic activity out here. While I'm totally girly, and couldn't tell you player names or what the yellow flags really mean, I understand enough of the game to pay attention, and it has become my number 1 way to meet people out here. 

Here's the thing, almost everyone out here is just like you: NOT from Los Angeles. Everyone is from all over the country (and the world), so rooting for your home team while you're away from home is a great bonding experience. I've met almost all of my friends here from watching football. If you don't have a team to root for, pick one! It's that worth it. 

Today I had to miss the Penn State game because of a hair appointment (I know, epic fail), but I got to join my crowd back at our friend's incredible house in the Hollywood Hills afterwards for a good ol' fashioned pool/BBQ party. As I mingled with as many people as possible, I had a moment. A moment of gratefulness. These people are all seriously amazing individuals. I feel very fortunate that I became part of a family—which you may not realize now, but it's super important since we are so far away from our real families. We can't always afford to go home for EVERY holiday. I usually spend Thanksgiving with my LA "family", and it's so much fun. I'm very thankful for all of these people. And it's all because I went to a Penn State alumni event, and watched some Eagles' games at the bar.