Can we be honest for a sec? Moving to LA is scary stuff.
But I'm there for ya, babe.

guide to los angeles

Yes, it really has everything you need to know about moving to Los Angeles. 

LA Bound will tell you everything you need to know: from shipping your car, to finding an apartment, to surviving traffic, to meeting quality people. It's an all-encompassing reference that will make your move as smooth as a baby's bottom. 

Learn from my mistakes, take advantage of getting a head start, and get through your first few months in Los Angeles without getting a parking ticket! (Talk about California Dreamin')

I seriously WISH this book existed when I moved here. It would have saved me from a few meltdowns.

take a peek inside

"I'm in South Carolina, so I'm preparing for a cross-country move in the spring and I'm worried about that logistical nightmare. Other guides I've come across don't really discuss the logistics of moving and apartment hunting from 3,000 miles away. Your guide is so helpful, and it was well worth the $6. I will read this over and over. Thanks so much!"

- Melissa Hinton

What you will learn

  • Costs of moving, becoming a resident, and how to save thousands of dollars

  • How and where to find an apartment

  • How to navigate traffic

  • How to enjoy LA on a budget

  • How to get a head start in your line of work