Helping others achieve their dreams is my passion.

Erica's presentation was not only inspiring, it was motivating to our members. Her infectious passion for her subject, warm compassion for her audience, and vibrant charm make her an outstanding speaker. I look forward to working with her again.

Mimi Gramatky, President of the Art Directors Guild

After hearing Erica speak, I felt re-energized in my career goals in a way I haven't felt in years. She is incredibly smart, knowledgeable and motivated. Thanks, Erica, so much, for reigniting my fire and drive! I know I can achieve all my goals with your methods!

Jackie Morrison, Graphic Designer for Television


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Erica, I feel like I'm on fire and it's mostly because of you, so I really wanted to thank you. I have sent a couple of emails and got amazing responses! I still can't believe it! You gave me a lot more confidence that I'm in the right direction.

Ana Ayala, Student

I love how honest, real AND practical your advice always is. You break everything down into palatable pieces, which makes something seemingly overwhelming, totally doable! You were definitely one of my saving graces when I decided to pack my bags and move to this majestic (and crazy) place, that I now call home!

Preston Locklear, LA Bound reader

Dreams are worth living

This presentation is designed specifically for students interested in a big dream career in Los Angeles. I show students exactly what steps to take once they leave the classroom, to ensure they see success in their dream field. Their dreams are not riding on a slim chance of a "big break". Their dreams are real possibilities they deserve to see through!

Your students will leave feeling prepared and empowered, with a list of actions to take to break into the industry.

If you'd like to see how we can work together to help your students achieve their dreams, please contact me for a complimentary Exploratory Session! Note: Presentations and workshops can be customized to meet your needs.