[hollywood] industry websites

Film Industry goodies

Deadline - If you want to work in the industry, you should stay up on the latest news. 

Hollywood Reporter - Another industry news option that I use.

The Wrap - Yet another news option. I don't use this, but the whole world does and I should jump on that band wagon.

IMDb - I have a PRO account so I can access more crew information. I use this when trying to find jobs and contacts.

Production Alert - This is my favorite production listings but if you're not in a union, it's expensive. Try it out for a small time frame.

Production Weekly - Similar to Production Alert.

Film & TV Pro - Networking site for industry professionals.

JHRTS - Networking society for anyone who has an assistant level job in the entertainment industry. 

Staff Me Up - Great job search tool for the film industry. Find job openings by location. It's mostly Reality TV jobs, FYI. 

SAG-AFTRA - Guild for actors

Art Directors Guild - This is the union I'm in. Great resource for all things Production Design.

Cinematographers Guild - If you want to be a DP, check out this union. 

Directors Guild of America - Calling all Directors. This is your union. 

Writers Guild of America, West - I think this is, like, for Writers? You can also copyright scripts through this site.

Local 44 - Union for Props, Set Decorators, Greens, and Special Effects.

Local 700 - Editors Guild

Local 706 - Hair and Makeup

Local 80 - Union for Grips, Craft Service (FOOD!), and Medics.

Teamsters - Union for Transportation.

Industry Facebook Groups

I Need Art Department - For Production Designers, Set Designers, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Art Department Coordinators, Art Production Assistant (PA), Set Decorators, Prop Masters

Union Art Department - For all of the above who are in Local 800 or Local 44 unions

Los Angeles/Nashville Singer Songwriters Club - For singer songwriters, duh!

Freelance Film Crew- Los Angeles - Any position on the production crew: lighting, camera, assistant directors, etc.

Los Angeles Film/Television Crew - Same as above

TV Comedy Writers Group - Los Angeles - For people who want to write comedy for television

Costume PAs - Los Angeles - If you want to get started in the costume department on film and television (PA stands for Production Assistant)

Grip & Electric Los Angeles - For lighting in film/tv

Los Angeles Film and Theater Network

#FunnyFolks | Los Angeles - For comedians in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Theatre Auditions & Show Info/Theatre Chat

Film Casting & Job Board Los Angeles

Paid Film/TV Production Jobs: Los Angeles Area

Los Angeles Actors Producers Writers Networking Group

Photographers & Models in Los Angeles Area Network

Film & TV Network Group Los Angeles