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How do you land your dream job when you have zero connections?

You always hear those stories of people "making it" because they had a cousin or a friend working in their dream industry. But what if you don't really know anyone? What if your "connections" add up to zero? LA is all about who you know. What if you don't know anybody? Does that mean you'll never make it?



If you're coming to Los angeles to go after a big dream, chances are you really, really want it to happen.

Maybe you've dreamt about it since you were a little kid, or maybe you came up with the brilliant idea yesterday. Either way, if you've thought about it, that means you are able to have it. The Universe is pretty freakin' awesome that way.


you deserve all of it. you deserve to live your dreams every day.

imagine if you had the best connections.

Imagine if you were able to break into
your dream industry. 

Imagine if you had a bunch of friends
to celebrate that with. 

life would be pretty effing awesome, right?

That's where LA BOUNDERS sweeps in to save the day.
Total Superman style. 

LA BOUNDERS is a monthly membership community

that provides you with an LA family, opportunities to make connections,
and resources to help you land your big dream career.

LA BOUNDERS is a place to meet people: meet roommates who get you, meet friends who become your besties. It also has all the resources you need to break into your dream industry. Basically, everything I wish I had before I moved to Los Angeles. 

Here's what you'll get with la bounders:


how long does it take to make friends in LA?

My first birthday in LA was only a few months after I moved. I hardly knew anyone. I had like 2 friends. I had no one to celebrate with. I was lonely and so sad because I LOVE birthdays! So, I flew home to Philly, 3,000 miles away, to celebrate my birthday. It kinda sucked.



no more lonely times

With LA Bounders, you have a chance to meet people BEFORE you move to LA. And when you're in LA, it gives you the opportunity to expand your network and your circle. If you're worried or concerned about making friends in LA, I feel you dude. I have so been there. But you're LA Bound family has your back (so you can have fun birthdays!).


here's what people are saying:

I implemented Erica's goal setting strategy which helped me push myself further than I've ever been able to and work through any fears I had. I was able to achieve every goal I wrote down and now I am working towards an even bigger goal!

Jackie, graphic designer for tv and film


It’s made me feel like my dreams are achievable, that’s for sure. I really feel like I have the tools to move forward. I feel more confident about my ability to succeed in moving to LA, and I feel more confident that this is what I’m supposed to do with my life.

Kaylee, film actor

LA Bounders broken down:



You can send members friend requests, join groups based on your location, your dreams, your hobbies, and anything else your little heart desires. You can also friend me and ask me all your questions throughout your LA journey. I'm there to guide you every step of the way.


Every month we all hop on a call where I answer everyone's questions. Each call is recorded and you can listen to them any time you want. 

Live Events

When you're in LA, you'll be able to attend members-only events. It's time to take these online friendships IRL. (In Real Life, duh!)


The site also has tons of resources for your entire journey. Info to help you when you're first moving to LA, all the way through info to help you break into your dream industry. The resources grow over time, so every time I release new info, you will have access to it.


Every month I interview people who are already in LA kicking ass. You'll get to hear all about the path they took so you can follow in their footsteps. 


complete access to la bound jump-start!

My transformational online program LA Bound Jump-Start is now part of LA Bounders! So as long as you are a member, you have complete access to the entire program. Every month new modules will be revealed to help you break into your dream industry. This program has been sold for $747 and now it's all yours as an LA Bounder member!


Thank you, Erica, for going above and beyond! This is AWESOME! :)



Erica is a bomb-dot-com person and I learned more than I could ever explain at becoming successful in my dream job in the fastest way possible.



I took the advice {that's on the site} last night and I am already seeing results!! I made a few connections on Twitter and Facebook with other writers and producers!! I’m so excited!

Bethaney, LA Bounder


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Picture yourself living out your dreams in Los Angeles. You deserve those dreams, and they can be yours.When you're ready to make your dreams a reality, you can join now for just $25 a month. Less than $1 a day!