Here are some super helpful links that I use all the time. 

Finding an apartment


Craigslist - Just beware of the crazies.

Westside Rentals - $60 for 60 days, but people swear by it. 

Zillow - I'm a little obsessed with the iPad app. I love using the map feature.

RadPad - Let's you put in more specific search items like "hardwood floors" or "pets".

The Rental Girl - Fewer listings, but usually provides video tours, and I love the neighborhood breakdown.

LA Bound - This one's a no-brainer. Check out the neighborhood chapter, it will save you.

Padmapper - Incorporates listings from many different sites all on one Google Map.

Finding a place to crash

Airbnb - Highly recommended. Cool way to meet people when you're new, and it's much cheaper than hotels.

Couchsurfing - Literally on couches, can be helpful and cheap.

Finding normal(ish) people

Kickball - It's all the rage. Play on a team once a week, then socialize at a bar afterwards.

Dodgeball - Same idea as kickball. Play, drink, mingle.

LAB Facebook - Chat with other LA Bound readers! They are all in the same boat as you. May as well make it a dreamy party yacht. 

Network After Work - Newtorking events that are insanely large (like 400 people), but give it a try and bring business cards. I've met cool people here.

JHRTS - Networking society for anyone who has an assistant level job in the entertainment industry. 

Dealing with traffic

Waze - I use this as navigation pretty much every single day. It's my hero. And always accurate timing (12 min = 12 min, mind blown).

Sigalert - I only use this to do a fast check of the freeways before I'm leaving. Red = bad. Green = good, but possibly a lie by the time I get there.

Google Maps - I'm an Apple girl all the way, but let's face it, their map app isn't the best. 

Podcasts - If you're going to be stuck for awhile, listen to something entertaining. It helps the time go by faster. Here's a fucking fantastic one to get you started! #humble


Getting around LA

Lyft - Do people still use taxis? Lyft is great because there is almost always a code for a free ride floating around. Do a search on Facebook for free codes before you use the app. First ride is free up to $25.

Sidecar - Love Sidecar because you get to pick the car you want based on what's nearby, AND it tells you how much the ride will cost up front.

Uber - Use Uber X, or have a fancy moment and splurge on regular Uber.

Metro - Public transportation DOES exist! It's just not like NYC or other cities with good transit.

Film Industry goodies

Deadline - If you want to work in the industry, you should stay up on the latest news. 

Hollywood Reporter - Another industry news option that I use.

The Wrap - Yet another news option. I don't use this, but the whole world does and I should jump on that band wagon.

IMDb - I have a PRO account so I can access more crew information. I use this when trying to find jobs and contacts.

Production Alert - This is my favorite production listings but if you're not in a union, it's expensive. Try it out for a small time frame.

Production Weekly - Similar to Production Alert.

Film & TV Pro - Networking site for industry professionals.

JHRTS - Networking society for anyone who has an assistant level job in the entertainment industry. 

Staff Me Up - Great job search tool for the film industry. Find job openings by location. It's mostly Reality TV jobs, FYI. 

Art Directors Guild - This is the union I'm in. Great resource for all things Production Design.

Cinematographers Guild - If you want to be a DP, check out this union. 

Directors Guild of America - Calling all Directors. This is your union. 

Writers Guild of America, West - I think this is, like, for Writers? You can also copyright scripts through this site.

Local 44 - Union for Props, Set Decorators, Greens, and Special Effects.

Local 80 - Union for Grips, Craft Service (FOOD!), and Medics.

Teamsters - Union for Transportation.


Jack Canfield - You may not know him by name, but he created the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. This man is a genius. He wrote another book that I am obsessed with called The Success Principles. I read it when I moved to LA, and it has shaped my career. I highly suggest you check out the book.

Lewis Howes - I listen to his podcast every week. It's really inspiring, especially for people in LA who are struggling to make their dreams come true. 

James Malinchak - James was one of the millionaires on ABC's Secret Millionaire and is incredibly smart when it comes to business. If you have any interest in marketing, starting your own business, or even writing a book, check out James' Big Money Speaker Bootcamps here in LA. I go to every single one of them (3 a year) because my brain can't handle how much I learn in just one event. 

Erica's favorite spots

I only recommend spots that I go to all the time, or that my friends highly recommend. None of this is random! Click the map below to check out some of my favorite spots around Los Angeles.