That One Time on Friends When Chandler Was Afraid to Marry Monica


I know, I know, I am a total FREAK when it comes to Friends. I just can't help it. It's like a disease that I'll be stuck with for life. So just bear with me, k? I mean, if Friends didn't apply to everyday life SO MUCH, I would shut up more....

So, anyway, remember that one time when Chandler freaked out on his wedding day? He "ran away" to his office to hide out. Ross and Phoebe find him and coax him into coming home. And getting married. But how do they do it? 

Um, yes, I definitely held my cell phone up to the TV to record this scene because I couldn't find it online. It was imperative you see this clip! (And yes, I have the entire series on DVD...)

Chandler freaked out because "getting married" was suddenly this HUGE thing. It was big, and it was scary. (That's what she said?...) So Genius Ross helps break down the huge task into tiny little baby steps. Like taking a shower. 

Now what on earth does this have to do with you? Well, frankly, EVERYTHING! I've been getting so many emails lately about moving to LA being a big, scary thing. Well, yeah. It definitely is. That's why I created this business. To help you. And I want to start now by helping you see this big, scary thing of moving to Los Angeles as little tiny baby steps. So, go start by taking a shower. 

Heehee. OK, maybe you're situation isn't exactly like Chandler's. But you can totally take the same concept and apply it to your life. You're not doing this HUGE thing of moving to LA. You're just putting some of your spring clothes in a suitcase. You're just paying a little bit of money for a plane ticket. You're just reading LA Bound

Just focus on little tiny baby steps. Start a conversation about it. You're not just moving across the country to pursue your dreams, you're talking about doing it. Each little baby step will bring you closer to the bigger thing, making it less scary and more manageable. What else could you be doing? How about start researching apartments online? How about reading this blog? Make a list of baby steps you could be doing, and then focus your energies on those items, one at a time. 

You can apply this to anything, not simply moving to Los Angeles. Whatever is daunting in your life, break it down to small action items. It's a really great way to get things done. Even big scary things! 

I'm actually practicing this myself, creating new content for you guys. I want to help you break down moving to LA into smaller items, so I have spent the last few months working on new things for you that you can use in addition to the ebook of LA Bound. I'm really excited to show you guys, and it should all be ready next week!! You'll be able to find it all on the ebook page when it's ready, so stay tuned... I'm here for ya, babe.