When Will the Heat Wave in Los Angeles End?

The heat wave in Los Angeles right now is out of control.

Everyone is uncomfortable. Everyone is complaining. 

Oh, and when I say "everyone", I'm including myself. For sure. 

In a city where the weather is usually fairly mild, and roughly the same every day, the people don't discuss the weather. 

I remember finding that odd when I moved from Philadelphia. In Philly, people comment on the weather all the time. Even my grandmother in Florida asks me about the weather every time we speak. 

But in LA, it's (almost) always 75-80 and sunny. My Dad will jokingly ask "any clouds today?". We laugh because I always answer "Nope!". (The design geek in me wants a new Pantone color created called LA Sky Blue.)

The weather in LA is usually one of the things people actually like about this city. I mean, I don't miss my car door freezing shut. Not. At. All. People flock to LA "because of the weather". 

We love bragging when our friends around the country are getting snowed in. "Weather bragging" is like a right of passage when you move to LA. 

But today is different. 

Today is what feels like the ten thousandth day in a row of almost 100 degree weather. And our friends are totally getting us back. 

I've never seen more pictures of fall leaves, cute sweaters, and pumpkins in my life. (Thank you, Facebook.)

It makes me want to punch my apartment. So hard. Because, why would it have central air?

With LA's usual mild weather, most apartments don't have AC. Especially the units by the beach. So we are all miserable, hopping from one cooled restaurant to the next. 

It's a great time to contemplate, "Why did I move to LA, again?"

But I know why. I moved to LA to go after my dream of designing graphics for the film industry. I moved to LA because I was so enamored by the city. I moved to LA because this is where shit happens. 

And that thought humbles me, as I sit here dripping in my apartment. Because even on the worst hot day, sitting through traffic, sleeping with a fan on high, I still don't want to be anywhere but here.

There are a lot of bitter people in Los Angeles: people who hate the traffic; people who complain about the rent prices; people who tell you it's ridiculously hard to "make it". 

My goal is to be the opposite. My goal is to play fun music and podcasts in traffic (and enjoy the AC in the car). To be grateful that I have a roof over my head, and a pretty great one at that. To tell you that, yes, it's hard to "make it", but that doesn't mean you can't. You absolutely CAN. 

So, instead of punching my apartment, I want to punch this heat wave. I can't let it take over me and make me miserable. I'm gonna play that #grateful card, and visualize cool fall breezes so I can stay on my A game and help you achieve your LA dreams. Cause that's what LA Bound is all about. 

You East Coast friends can continue to brag about your fall. I'm pretty sure we deserve it. :)