Why You Must Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Staying inside your comfort zone can be totally crippling to your career. 

There are two ways this can really hurt your ability to achieve your dreams:

1) By completely staying inside your comfort zone and not even trying to get past it. These are the people who don't do anything to go after their dream because it's too scary or uncomfortable. 

2) By thinking you're taking action towards making your dream happen, but your actions are comfortable and you don't even realize. 

To avoid being one of these two people, ask yourself this:

Are you taking actions that make you uncomfortable? 

Are you ever scared or nervous right before you take one of these actions?

What can you do today that proves you are willing to get outside of that comfort zone bubble?

If you're totally freaked out, try taking baby steps. It's normal to be scared or really uncomfortable with taking certain steps. For example, going after a dream that doesn't provide a steady income in the beginning is very uncomfortable. If you commit to being scared, you'll never go after it. But if you try taking baby steps, like researching jobs and ways to make money while going after your dream, is a great step in the right direction. 

What are your thoughts? What are you scared to try? What can you start doing today? Let me know in the comments below!