Podcast #23: Take Full Responsibility for Your Life

This topic was a total wake-up call for me 7 years ago when I first read about it in Jack Canfield's book, The Success Principles (my obsession). The idea that I am actually responsible for how my life is going blew my mind. I'm so excited to have the amazing Thais back with us to talk about this topic because she is truly an expert in this stuff!

Naturally, most of us blame outside circumstances or other people for anything in our life that we don't like. For example, "I can't get a job because the economy is bad." While it's easy to play the victim, it's actually doing a huge disservice to ourselves. 

Sometimes things happen that we really can't control. Like the weather, or if our employer is down-sizing. But we CAN control how we react to this situations, and what we choose to do about them. Those choices shape our lives. 

How can you start taking responsibility for your own life? Look at the choices you make every day, and ask yourself if those choices make you happy. 

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