Podcast #25: How to Get Through Hard Times with Tanya Brown

TANYA BROWN is the youngest sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, and the #1 Bestselling author of Finding Peace Amid The Chaos. As a spokesperson for issues of Domestic Violence and Overcoming Adversity she appears frequently on major media, including People Magazine, AC360, Dr. Drew, The Katie Couric Show, and Larry King Live.

While Tanya's sister, Nicole Brown Simpson (ex-wife of O.J. Simpson) was murdered 21 years ago, Tanya and her family still deal with the pain every day. In Tanya's new book, Finding Peace Among the Chaos, she candidly tells a detailed account of her experience with her sister's death. The book also includes Tanya's depression and how she eventually got out of it, with the help of tools she learned in an outpatient center. 


These tools are universal to setting and achieving goals and overlap with what I teach through LA Bound. Listening to Tanya here, and reading her book can prepare you for the rollercoaster of going after your dreams. 

I highly recommend Tanya's book that you can purchase here. She will autograph your copy when you purchase!

You can also purchase her HUGE HUGS necklace here

If you're feeling sad, or lonely, or depressed, feel free to reach out to Tanya here. She is an incredible soul and happy to talk to you. 

Your LA Bound family is here to support you through this LA journey. You may have ups and downs, it's all part of the ride. You can hear my own story here.

Much love and HUGE HUGS to Tanya Brown for generously spending her time on the LA Bound podcast. Thank you for spreading your message and making the world a better place!