#55: Stop Blaming Events in Your Life, Change Your Response

Sorry I missed last week! I was busy attending Jack Canfield's live event in Los Angeles and being a total fan girl!

In today's episode, I share inspiring content that I learned at Jack's event. Starting with Jack's famous formula: E+R=O, Event + Response = Outcome.

Most of us live our lives switching that formula to Events + Outcome = Response. Events happen in our life, determining out outcome, and then we respond to that. But our outcome is actually determined on how we respond to the events that happen in our life.

When events happen in your career, that feel out of our control, all we can do is control how we respond to them. 

The only thing people complain about is something that can be changed.

- Jack Canfield

When you complain, are you reacting? Or responding?

What can you change? How can you respond differently?

If your current outcome in your career is not what you want, how can you change it?

We often feel like we CAN'T change the outcome, or we CAN'T do specific things. But when we say we "can't", it's really saying "I choose not to" or "I won't." 

Most of the things we think we can't do, are totally achievable. Our fears and lack of belief in ourselves is what holds us back, and makes us think we can't do it.

Everything is figure-outable.

- Marie Forleo

Be solution-oriented, instead of problem-oriented. We are so good at coming up with problems, and pointing out problems, and blaming our lives on other people and circumstances. But we can change our circumstances by changing how we respond to them and by becoming solution-oriented.

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