#60: What Happens When You Start To Find Success

In this episode I break down the ins and outs of making progress towards your dreams.

When you're on the brink of change, the universe shakes you up to let you know you're ready for the next level. The universe will send you subtle signs, and if you're not picking them up, it will shake you by sending you a much bigger sign, essentially saying, "Hey, you! YOU'RE READY FOR THE NEXT LEVEL!!!"

I also spoke about shedding the bad to make room for the good. This happens as you change and grow.

When you achieve small milestones, your mind opens to what is possible. Your confidence and believe in yourself grows. 

And finally, I talked about why success may be trickling in slower than you had hoped for. If you're dying to know why, you'll have to listen to find out :)