The 2 Things You Better Be Doing

Commitment + Implementation should be your BFFs. Whatever you're trying to do in your life, do it with those two cool kids by your side. Can't you just see it now? Strolling off into the sunset, hand-in-hand with Mr. Commitment and Mr. Implementation, as a movie soundtrack plays in the background! THAT'S how close you should be with these two. 

These two are life savers and career creators. When you want to achieve BIG DREAMS, you need these two by your side. 


If you want to see anything through, you need to be committed. I know this is obvious, but so many people forget. So I'm here to remind you! Big Dreams require Big Commitments. Sometimes that means that you stay home on a Saturday night to practice your craft. Sometimes this means you don't stay out super late with your friends because you want to wake up early to work on a project.

But most importantly, this means that you stay until the end. You don't give up on that dream until the credits roll and applause roars! You stay committed, you don't give up. Sometimes our dreams happen in a month, and sometimes they take years to develop. But they will never happen if you break your commitment to them. 


Most people understand Commitment. But it's Implementation that trips people up. You may seek advice from trusted mentors, but it's what you choose to do with that advice that matters. You may know what you need to do to get from A to B, but if you don't implement what you've learned, you'll never get from A to B. 

I always find it cray cray when people don't implement. When you're given all the answers, and you know if you do them your dreams will be made, why not do them?? Stand apart from the crowd and implement those babies! It will get you far, I promise.

So you see, on your little journey through this lovely thing we call life, make sure to have Commitment and Implementation by your side. They will stick by you through thick and thin and make sure your Big Dreams become a reality! Those two really are pretty kick ass, don't you think?