Success in LA: No Excuses

"I can't afford it."

Ever notice how we play the victim? We blame our lack of success on any factor but ourselves.

"I want to participate in that program, but I just can't afford it."

"I wanted to go out for that job, but I just couldn't find a ride to get there. "

"I wanted to attend that class, but my favorite TV show was on at that time."

Have you ever said any of those things? I know I have.

But I want to tell you what I've learned on my journey to finding incredible success making it in LA: Those "victims" are not the ones who make it.

We all have these big dreams, but you see, we forget that to achieve something so big, we must do something so big to get there.

The people who make it in LA, and in life, are the people who go the extra mile. The people who don't give excuses.

Did you ever hear the story of Lea Michele landing the lead role on "Glee"? On her way to the studio, she got in a major car accident. She probably should have went to the hospital, or went home, but she wanted that BIG dream so bad, that she still went to the audition, first stopping in the ladies room to pull broken glass out of her hair.

Lea Michele had a NO EXCUSE attitude. And that's how she made it big in LA. She wasn't going to let a car accident stop her.

Can you imagine if she went home and skipped the audition? Can you imagine if she didn't land that lead role on Glee because of her choice to go home?

What opportunities are you missing out on because of your excuses? How is playing the victim holding you back from success?

The thing is, this world is a beautiful place. We have credit cards to help us invest in our dreams when we can't pay in cash, we have public transportation and cabs to take us to the interview when we don't have a car, we have DVRs to record our favorite shows so we can watch at a later time, and we have bathroom mirrors to help us get broken glass out of our hair so we don't miss the audition.

When we make excuses and play the victim, like all these things are happening to us and we have no control, we are blocking ourselves from achieving our dreams. Because we actually DO have control over our circumstances.

I know it can feel like it's not up to us whether we can't afford something, or can't find a ride, or can't make the class. But you can choose to change your circumstances. You can choose to take different actions in your life. You can choose success.

You can also play the victim in your own life. Is completely up to you.

I'm here to support your dreams though, so I vote for making a change! I'm here to tell you what works, and what doesn't work to save you time and money, and bring you closer to your dreams every single day that you read one of my posts or listen to my podcast or read my ebook.

I'm here because I believe in your dreams and your right to achieve them. So invest in yourself with a credit card, take the bus to that interview, record that show and go to that class, and pull those broken pieces of glass out of your hair.

You're ready for your big dreams now. Go get it.