Dreams: How to create, achieve, change, and repeat.

Dreams are a funny thing. Some people have big dreams, some people have little dreams, and some people don't know what the hell to dream. And now I'm experiencing a new phenomenon: dreams changing.

Dr. Callie Torres from Grey's Anatomy

Dr. Callie Torres from Grey's Anatomy

TELL ME you still watch Grey's Anatomy. Um, sorry, just me? I know, I know, it's like so 2005. I'll admit, the stories are a bit old hat now in 2015, but some of the lines are still complete brilliance. Like,

"There is no easy in glory."

I know, mind blowing. Anyway, in this past week's episode, there was a young patient who was a golf extraordinaire. Golf was her dream, and she was achieving it like a boss. Then, in true TV Drama fashion, she injures herself and can't play golf again. The poor girl is devastated that her dream has been completely killed. Then smart Dr. Callie Torres explains to her that we don't get JUST ONE DREAM. 

Whoa. Thank you, Dr. Torres!

Most of my life, my dream has been to be a Graphic Designer. In the past 8 or 9 years, that dream became more specific to designing graphics for television and film. Now, for the first time, I have brand new dreams. Like helping you through LA Bound. 

It's a weird feeling to have a new dream. I'm like, "is this OK?" "Can this be?" "What does this mean for my design dream?"

So I wanted to talk to you about his dream cycle of creating, achieving, and changing. Let's figure all this out together. Dreamers need to stick together and support each other. Ok, you in? #letsdothis

1. Creating

Sometimes just coming up with our dream is the hardest part. I was really freakin' lucky in that I knew exactly what I wanted to do early on. But I know that's rare. So what do you do if you're not sure what your dreams are? Let's crack that code. 

Make two lists:


1) a list of everything you're really good at (this can be fishing, or math, or painting, or organizing, etc.) 

2) a list of everything that makes you really happy (traveling, swimming, the beach, staying at home, singing, etc.)

This should get your wheels spinning. The key is to combine your loves, with what you're really good at, and then voila! We've got some dream jobs! Oh, and hey, maybe your dreams aren't a job. Maybe your dreams include living near the beach, or traveling to Europe. Whatever is in your cute little heart, WRITE IT DOWN ON PAPER! Or draw. That's fun, too.

This process of creating our dreams is so important. Once you know what your dream is, then you can get out your handy dandy index cards and write it down. Look at it every day. Visualize. This is all part of dream creation.

2. Achieving

So, obviously if we spent the time dreaming, we probably want to make those dreams happen. This is the achieving phase. Take action every single day towards your dream. What can you be doing right now? Could you make a phone call? Do some research? Get out in the field and practice? Put yourself out there and let the world know what you're after?

We work really hard, and take steps to make things happen. And then one day, IT HAPPENS! Dreams are made! Champaign is flowing! Life is grand!

3. Changing

And then the next thing happens. (For many people) A big, "HOLY CRAP, NOW WHAT?" takes over. Some people even experience feelings of depression. You worked so hard to accomplish this really huge thing, and once you accomplish it, you have no idea what to do next. All you knew was your previous life of working, working, working, dreaming, dreaming, dreaming. You come crashing down, not knowing how to live life when the dream has been achieved.

That crash is very common, and just part of the cycle. Because once that passes, (and it WILL pass), you move on to new dreams. As we achieve our dreams and grow as human beings, we come up with new dreams. Our dreams change, just as we do. 

And there is NOTHING wrong with that.

It's like transferring colleges. You had this idea of what you thought you wanted. But then you tried it out, and it wasn't a good fit, so you decided to transfer. Ever notice how much shame people feel when they transfer? People like to hide that decision. You're afraid people are going to give you that look and be like, "ohhh, you transferred. (guess you didn't get it right the first time...)".

You know what I say to that? "HA! I'm freakin' awesome, because I put myself out there, tried something, and was brave enough to take another route because I knew this one wasn't for me."

Dreams are the same way. We dream, we achieve, and we change. We try things out. We adjust. Sometimes the first dream is spot on. And then we grow with a new dream. Or sometimes the first dream isn't quite what we thought it would be. That's when we need to be brave and try something new. 

I could continue on as a Graphic Designer forever. You know, just in case people were to whisper, "oh, I thought you were a Graphic Designer? I thought that was your dream? Guess you couldn't stick with it..."

OR, I can go after my new dream. And be really, really happy.

You were totes right, Dr. Torres. We don't get JUST ONE DREAM! We get so many dreams. And that's the beauty of life. 

So, I dare you to dream, achieve, and dream again.