Podcast #10: How to Get Into SAG-AFTRA

Today we are hanging with Christine Avery! Christine spent many years working for Dick Clark Productions, which means she was up close and personal with a bunch of live events including the Golden Globe Awards, the American Music Awards, the Miss USA Pageant, the Academy of Country Music Awards, and even So You Think You Can Dance. While she kicked ass at DCP, she is shifting gears now to fulfill her passion for performing.

Christine talks about how to practice your craft as an actor:

  • watch and study as much tv/film as possible
  • take classes: acting, improv
  • create your own classes with friends

She also talks about ways to get into the Actors Guild: SAG-AFTRA

  • fill a SAG spot for background/extra work to get up to three vouchers
  • book a SAG job, have the producers love you, and call union on your behalf
  • new media (web short)

For more info on getting into SAG:
Steps to Join
Paying Dues

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Also check out one of Christine's new projects, Jane Don't Date.

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