Podcast #2: LA Neighborhoods Breakdown—Where Do You Want to Live?

Justin. Smart Dude.

Justin. Smart Dude.

In this podcast, I talk about 22 different neighborhoods in LA. I try to give descriptions that will help you decide where to live.

In case I was too Mr.-Nice-Guy about LA, I got my talented friend Justin to give you the real shit. Justin is the Director of Development at a production company, and has been living in LA for almost 9 years, so listen to him!  Here is what Justin has to say:

Hollywood: Dirty enough that you feel like you live in a city. Safe enough that you can walk home at 3am. 

West Hollywood: Place works in concentric circles. The closer to the middle, the more colorful.

North Hollywood: NoHo!

Downtown: Cool if you want a loft. But should be real cool in 5 years after it's not as fucking dirty. 

West LA: Why? It's wasted space between the beach and Hollywood.

Burbank: Are you a parent? Cool. Have fun in fucking Burbank with Jay Leno.

Santa Monica: Expensive and touristy. I'd say live in Venice but Silicon Beach is ruining it for normal folks. 

The South Bay: The Frat you join after college. It's a bubble you won't escape while living there, but your friends, when you can convince them to deal with the drive and parking, will love on July 4th. 

Below is a freeway map that lays out most of the neighborhoods so you can get an idea of where they are located in relation to each other:

I also mention Waze, which is my FAVORITE traffic app. It works as a navigation system. If you don't have Bluetooth in your car, you can have it run with your cell phone's volume up all the way, and it directs you just like a navigation system would. It's so much better though because it knows about every car accident, every congested street, and it takes you around all the traffic.