Podcast #3: How To Make Friends in LA—Yes, It's Possible to Meet Normal People!

In this podcast, I talk about different ways to meet people. I'll run down the list below, but you can also meet each other by connecting on our Facebook page


Supporting your home teams when you're living in LA is a fantastic way to make friends. Even if you don't like football, give it a try as a fun social event. There are bars all across LA that host game viewings, so you can find the Philly bar, or the Chicago bar, or the NYC bar, etc. For a list on the Pro Football team bars, click here (and scroll down to Hometown Sports Bars). I'm still working on creating a list for college, but if you'd like to join us Penn Staters (the more the merrier!), here are our locations:

Hollywood: The Parlor

Santa Monica: Britannia Pub

South Bay: Barney's Beanery

Burbank: Barney's Beanery


Find out if your school has an alumni group in Los Angeles. They all usually have frequent events that are awesome for meeting people. Click on the links below for more info. I'm still working on building this list!

Arizona State University

Georgetown University

Indiana University

Michigan State University

New York University

Ohio State University

Penn State University

University of Michigan

University of Texas

University of Virginia

West Virginia University


No skills necessary! This is a fantastic way to make friends because you'll meet the people on your team, and then have a chance to mingle with the opposing team every week. Learn more and sign up here.


This is a monthly event that I have attended a few times. It's super overwhelming, but also helpful. Give it a try and see if it's your thing. Bring business cards!! Network After Work

You should also give Meetup a try and sign up for groups that interest you.


Work can be a great way to make friends, since you inherently spend most of your time there. Just be careful and take your time. Keep it classy until you really get to know people. 


If it's your thing, give it a try. I only have a few friends who go to church weekly, or a few times a month, and they have all made good friends that way. Right off the bat, you'll have something big in common, so it can't be too bad!