Podcast #30 How to Find Success in the Music Industry

This episode, I'm interviewing David Margolis, founder of My World Management. David has been managing musicians' careers for over 15 years. 

David talks about how he's built the careers of his artists who started with 1 fan (Mom!) to thousands of fans and sold out shows. 

I LOVE that David explains how to make a living as a musician and puts to rest the idea that you have to be a superstar to make money. 

Here is the latest music video for one of David's artists, Greg Holden. This video is so beautiful! Greg Holden also wrote the song "Home" that you may have heard Phillip Phillips sing on American Idol, all over the radio, and in TV commercials. 

We also mention different music organizations that you should check out: ASCAP,BMISESAC.

One of my favorite artists who David manages is Rosi Golan. She is a talented singer-songwriter, and I have had the honor of designing some of her album and poster artwork. If you watch TV/movies, you've likely heard Rosi's music. The images below are pieces I have designed for Rosi.