Podcast #31: How to Make Extra Income with Josh and Jill Stanton

Today I'm talking with Josh and Jill Stanton of ScrewTheNineToFive.com. In this episode, they share ways we can make money online as extra income (or completely replacing your full time income), while going after your dreams in LA. 

It's so important to find a form of income that doesn't take up all your time during the day. I see it happen all the time, when people move to LA with a huge dream, get a 9-5 type job to pay the bills, and then have no time to go after their dream. Don't fall into this problem!

Jill and Josh mention a few links to help you make money that's outside of the box:





Sound Advice (voiceovers)

If you're looking to make money online, you can build a brand around yourself, write a book and sell it, or do affiliate marketing. Jill and Josh are experts in this field and have helped me grow LA Bound. 

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The online education industry made billions of dollars last year and is set to grow like crazy, so take some time to consider making an income this way. Remember, for massive success in LA, it's important that you pick a form of income that is flexible in terms of your time. Make sure you still have time to focus on your dreams!

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