Podcast #32: Owning Your Gift Like A Badass With Meg Haines

Meg Haines is a Life Coach, Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. We are so lucky to have her on the podcast this episode, because her gift is SO NEEDED on the journey to achieving your dream career in LA. 

Meg mentions a technique that she uses with her clients that help them to succeed: create a doppleganger version of yourself and use it to act as if you are the most badass version of yourself. Just like Beyonce does, with her "Sasha Fierce" character that takes the stage during her tours, you can create an alter ego to propel you forward. 

Meg reminds us that there is NO WRONG CHOICE, and you should honor your passion and your dreams. The fact that you love what you do, is not a coincidence. You were meant to share your gift with the world, and the universe will allow it to happen.

Her most genius point has to do with the industry (film, music, or other) taking all of our power. Instead of placing all of the power in the industry, and relying on the industry to grant your wish, or make your dreams come true, TAKE YOUR POWER BACK! The power is in YOU to make your dreams happen, no one else. 

What tricks can you use to make sure you show up in your life as best you can? You always have control over your circumstances, and you should take full responsibility for them.

Take the time to figure out what truly brings you joy, and do more of it. If there are things you dislike doing, how can you get rid of it and replace it with something that you LOVE doing?

We mention the song "Nothing" from A Chorus Line, so I'm including the lyrics here (scroll all the way down to see them). I just love this message so much.

What barriers do you have in your path to success? What can you shift? Are there people who are not helping?

Meg just makes me want to be a better person and own my gift like a total badass, so I hope you got the same feeling from this episode. You really do deserve to live the life you deserve. 

If you'd like to follow Meg, you can check out her website here, and follow her on Instagram: Meg.M.Haines

"Nothing" lyrics from A Chorus Line

I'm so excited because I'm gonna go
to the High School of Performing Arts! 
I mean, I was dying to be a serious actress. 
Anyway, it's the first day acting class- 
and we're in the auditorium and the teacher, 
Mr. Karp... Oh, Mr. Karp... 
Anyway, he puts us up on the stage with
our legs around each other, 
one in back of the other and he says:
"Okay... we're going to do improvisations. 
Now, you're on a bobsled. It's snowing out. 
And it's cold...Okay...GO!"

Ev'ry day for a week we would try to
Feel the motion, feel the motion
Down the hill.

Ev'ry day for a week we would try to
Hear the wind rush, hear the wind rush, 
Feel the chill.

And I dug right down to the bottom of my soul
To see what I had inside.
Yes, I dug right down to the bottom of my soul
And I tried, I tried.

And everybody's goin' "Whooooosh, whooooosh ...
I feel the snow... I feel the cold... I feel the air."
And Mr. Karp turns to me and he says, 
"Okay, Morales. What did you feel?"

And I said..."Nothing, 
I'm feeling nothing,"
And he says "Nothing
Could get a girl transferred."

They all felt something, 
But I felt nothing
Except the feeling
That this bullsh*t was absurd!

But I said to myself, "Hey, it's only the first week. 
Maybe it's genetic. 
They don't have bobsleds in San Juan!"

Second week, more advanced, and we had to
Be a table, be a sportscar...
Ice-cream cone.

Mister Karp, he would say,"Very good, 
except Morales. Try, Morales, 
All alone."

And I dug right down to the bottom of my soul
To see how an ice cream felt.
Yes, I dug right down to the bottom of my soul
And I tried to melt.

The kids yelled, "Nothing!"
They called me "Nothing"
And Karp allowed it, 
Which really makes me burn.

The were so helpful. 
They called me "Hopeless",
Until I really didn't know
Where else to turn.

And Karp kept saying,
"Morales, I think you should transfer to Girl's High,
You'll never be an actress, Never!" Jesus Christ!

Went to church, praying, "Santa Maria,
Send me guidance, send me guidance," 
On my knees.

Went to church, praying, "Santa Maria,
Help me feel it, help me feel it. 
Pretty please!"

And a voice from down at the bottom of my soul
Came up to the top of my head.
And the voice from down at the bottom of my soul,
Here is what it said:

"This man is nothing!
This course is nothing!
If you want something,
Go find another class.

And when you find one
You'll be an actress."
And I assure you that's what
Fin'lly came to pass.

Six months later I heard that Karp had died.
And I dug right down to the bottom of my soul... 
And cried.
'Cause I felt... nothing.