Podcast #34: Taking the Icky Out of Networking With Kamille Rose

This episode, I'm joined by the inspiring Kamille Rose, speaker and founder of The Ultimate Lyfe.

Kamille's work has been as varied and passionate as her love for people. She has worked as an actress in independent film, been on the production team for CNN news documentaries in Washington DC, consulted for nonprofits, startup founders, Film/TV creatives and small to medium businesses both nationally and internationally. In 2014, she co-founded a collaborative workspace for positive social change entrepreneurs based in Southern CA where she teaches workshops on self-development and continues to consult on brand strategy, company culture development, and leadership communication. 

Today Kamille teaches us how to make "networking" a genuine relationship-building experience. 

She mentions her favorite quote about networking by Cliff Suttle, "The goal of networking is not gather sales leads but to start relationships and that begins with a conversation, not a sales pitch."

Kamille explains the value of giving when you approach networking relationships rather than taking and focusing on "what can they do for me?".

The Go Giver is a really great book that gives insight into this philosophy.

When you come from a place of lack or desperation, it's unattractive. But when you engage and show interest in the person as a human being, it's a game-changer.

To bring value to people who are much further along than you are, get out of your head, take deep breaths and stand tall like a superhero. Your body can have a strong effect on your mind. Kamille mentions the TED talk by Amy Cuddy about body language that you can watch here. Standing tall with your shoulders back delivers a much different result than slouching with your head down.

You always have value to give, you always have abundance. Remember, everyone started somewhere. Read stories of rags to riches. The people you admire with successful careers all started somewhere and built a foundation. 

Listening is one of the greatest skills you can offer. "The smart person always knows what to say and the wise person always knows when to say it." 

Kamille teaches how to get the person's contact information: "You know I would really love to continue this conversation. Are you comfortable with exchanging email addresses? What is the best way to get in touch with you?" Put the ball in their court by asking them how they prefer to keep in touch.

If someone says "oh, just find me on Facebook", then take your phone out right then and there and find the person on Facebook so they see you're serious about connecting. It's important to follow up right away. Kamille suggests keeping a template in your notes app on your phone that you can easily copy and paste and send off to the contact right away. 

What emotion are you putting into your experiences? You can't fool people, and how you enter networking events can change your outcome. Keep your vision alive. 

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