Podcast #41: Building a Career Around Multiple Talents With Director/Producer Jason Perlman


Jason Perlman is the King of Storytelling. He loves the art of telling stories, and built a successful career around it, no matter what technical skills were required. 

Since moving to Los Angeles, Jason has learned how to hone his skills on Producing, Directing, Writing, and Editing. He is a rare gem that genuinely has talent in all areas of filmmaking. While most people (like me) usually tell people to focus on just one passion, Jason was able to take all of his passions and focus them in one direction: story telling. He set out to create content, and ended up learning how to do all aspects in order to make things happen on a small budget. In the process, Jason built an extremely successful career.

Oh, and hey, he WORKED WITH MATTHEW PERRY!! Jason was an intern on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip back in the day. 

Jason spent time working for Hub World, Verizon, Justin Williams and Nerdist, and other well-known companies. All of his work has led him to create content geared towards teens, now at AwesomenessTV. Jason has a great understanding of audiences—what they want, what they're lacking, and how to connect to them in a relatable manner. 

His most recent project that I LOVED is called "Live", it's about a Periscope celebrity who starts to find out that there is fan that is taking his obsession with her too far, broadcasting a livestream of his attempt to murder her and her boyfriend.

Jason mentions different websites that he used to try to get jobs in the beginning: 




But he stresses that relationships is the best way to break in and book gigs. 

Now, Jason's work is mostly seen on digital platforms, and Jason shares his thoughts on the reason why. He says it's by default because it's the industry that was growing when Jason was a newbie, and it was a platform that allowed him to tell stories at that level. As the Digital platform continues to expand, more filmmakers are able to create content without having to "break the bank". 

You can follow Jason here:

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