Podcast #42: The Pursuit of Happiness in LA with Life Coach Ginger Marie

This episode I'm talking with Life Coach Ginger Marie. She brings a whole new story to the LA Bound podcast, as someone who actually had a job lined up before moving to Los Angeles. 

Ginger moved to LA with her living expenses paid for, and a great job with benefits and a 401k. But after spending time there, she decided it wasn't fulfilling her, and despite the comfort and stability, she decided to quit that job. 

Ginger wanted to focus on her passion for Event Planning and took a pay cut at a new job in Beverly Hills. After a couple months, Ginger felt the company wasn't true to her authentic self, and decided to leave that job, too.

Talk about BRAVE! 

That's when Ginger started implementing affirmations into her life. A period of 6 weeks of unemployment left her seeking something more, and affirmations helped her get there.

"80% of people say that they are unhappy or dissatisfied with their current job."

- The Abundance Factor

Instead of taking "whatever I can get", Ginger wanted to get a job that she cared about, that she actually liked. 

So many people stay in jobs that don't make them happy because they would rather have comfort than true happiness. Not Ginger!

Ginger went on to become an Event Planner for a big company, running events for a living. Her largest event was 3,000 people! Holy crap! 

"We don't learn in our comfort zone. We learn in those moments that make us uncomfortable, that challenge us to be better."

- Ginger Marie

After fulfilling her Event Planning dream, Ginger felt like she just wasn't happy in her life. From her love life, to her career, she felt like she hit a low point, wondering what it took to be happy. This led her to work with Meg Haines (an incredible coach, you can check out her episode here). Ginger says her work with Meg completely transformed her life.

With that transformation, Ginger met her soulmate, was promoted in her job and doubled her income, and found her true life's purpose.

"How you feel about the world is how you will perceive it."

- Ginger Marie

Now Ginger is a Life Coach, and Founder of the My Weekly Bliss Challenge, where she helps others find true happiness the way she did. Affirmations are a big part of that. 

You can use them too, to go after your dreams. To create your own affirmations, state your dream that you want, and add a deadline to it. Make sure to be really specific, and avoid general statements like "I want to be an actor".

"There is no competition for those in alignment."

- Esther Hicks

"There is always someone looking for exactly what you have to offer."

- Ginger Marie

For more guidance on using affirmations to achieve your big dreams in LA, and for tips on how to inject more happiness into your daily life, Join Ginger's My Weekly Bliss Challenge by clicking here.

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