#49: Amy Paffrath: From E! News Host to Actress + Comedian

OMG it's Amy Paffrath!!!

Amy is an incredibly talented host, actress, comedian, and creative entrepreneur who moved to LA to follow her dream of working in Entertainment News. She loved E! News, and eventually booked a contract with them.

From there, her hosting career blossomed as she got to spend time at MTV for the Jersey Shore After Hours show, and most recently, hosting VH1's Dating Naked.

In the very beginning of her LA journey, she met her husband, actor Drew Seeley. Amy talks about the tabloid life and what that's like, especially when Drew was filming a movie with Selena Gomez. I love Amy's take on the idea of tipping off the tabloids—remember that these are REAL HUMAN BEINGS, and just because it would be easy to share information about their lives, doesn't mean that it's right. 

Amy also starred in our LA Bound short and, yes, some of her lines she improvised (and we loved!). 

Amy also mentions the Amazon commercial in which she starred that had customers calling Amazon asking for Amy!

After achieving her dreams and living them out as a host on various platforms for the past several years, Amy is exploring new passions that have organically come up. You can catch her at Top Story Weekly in LA, a comedy sketch similar to Saturday Night Live. 

Amy I discuss how great it is to be in a city where you can end up doing any creative endeavor, even if it's something that you weren't aware of. There are endless opportunities in LA to find a job that suits your passions.

As Amy pursues comedy and acting now, she also has her own podcast that you must check out! It's called Tell Me Something Good and you can check it out right here.

You don't have to be paid to be validated as an actor.

- Amy Paffrath

Amy's big advice: don't have a "Plan B". When you have a Plan B, you're not committing fully to your dream. She also reminds us to put blinders on and run our own race—focus on YOU, keep your head in the game, and don't compare yourself to other people around you. Everyone has their own path and someone else's success does not take away from your own.

You can follow Amy on social media:

Twitter: @AmyPaffrath

Instagram: @AmyPaffrath