#51: Living As If You've Already Made It


Sources mentioned:

Jack Canfield “Living as if party”

Bob Proctor  “Raising your frequency”

Abraham Hicks “Staying in the Vortex”

“Living as if” is acting as if you’ve already achieved your dream. Take a couple minutes out of each day and literally have a conversation with someone close to you about your day as if you were your successful-self 5 years from now.

Reason #1: How would someone who already has what you want act? “What would Oprah do in this moment?”

Act like a successful person. Get in the mindset of how successful people think and make it part of your thought process as well.

Reason #2: What does the successful version of yourself be like 5 years from now?

How would they react to your life situations?

What steps would they take to be more successful?

Like the Bob Proctor example of the AM radio... change the frequency of your thoughts. Learn to operate at a different frequency to hear something new and raise your vibration. A higher frequency from AM to Sirius radio.

Remember the FEDEX example of the arrow and the baking spoon. We all see something different. If you are looking at something for so long and not seeing what was there because you are so focused on one thing. Change your focus, have different thoughts so you don’t miss obvious things that could come in the form of an opportunity.  

Do the “Act as if” party with some friends, show up as your successful self 5 years from now. The more you do it, it will help create the details of what you are looking for. Feel the emotions of how it feels to live that dream life.  What does it feel like to book that major role? To live in LA and be successful?

Raise your frequency, change your thoughts, think differently and stay in the vortex.